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Strategy Development

We start by providing an overview of your industry, trends in social media and the competition. Based on the data we develop and implement a unique return-on-investment marketing strategy to increase the drive of traffic to your brand, create awareness, boot sales, public relations or whatever you goal may be. Budget friendly marketing campaigns such as promotions, contests, are a great way to engage customers without having to pay for platform.


Social Media

We start by determining which social media platforms to use, based on the target demographic, location and the services offered. If you are selling a product that requires support or assembly ; integrating YouTube videos with your brand provides you with a customer service outlet allowing customers easily find the answers / instructions  they need assembling their equipment. Implementing the right media platform is crucial to your brand and marketing strategy.


Ad Development

What is the purpose of this of this ad? Who is the target audience ? What reaction are you hoping to instill?  Are you selling a product/service? Engaging your audience? Spreading awareness? Building public relations? Whatever the need may be, we first generate an idea and then create an effective advertisement for your business. 



A hitchhiker with a sign that reads “to Hamilton” is less effective than a sign that reads “trying to make it home for Christmas”. One phrase is more effective at evoking a response from a passerby. Providing a great product/service will not guarantee business if you can’t convey your message in a clear and professional manner. When an advertisement that's going to be seen by thousands of people only has enough room for one sentence, it better be best sentence possible.


Facebook Campaigns

In 2019 Marketing has evolved from pamphlets and buttons to the digital world. The Single greatest feature of digital marketing is that everything is tracked.  From how many people saw your ad, where they saw it, how long they looked at it, everything. If you put an  ad on TV, or in a newspaper, or on a billboard - can you really tell how effective that ad was? Thers no clear way of knowing what you can do to improve your conversion rate. 


Pay Per Click

Get found on google, utilize specific keywords and algorithms to appear above your competitors, increase the number of sales your page generates, reach all your customers free of charge, only pay for the amount of clicks you drive to you page. We offer a wide set of digital marketing services catered specifically to your business and key demographic. 



Search engine optimization is how we make you get found on Google. How does your website currently rank on google against your competitors? How hard is it to find using relevant keywords?  We analyze exactly what you are and aren't doing compared to your competition, identifying the problem is half the solution.  Just because you are getting results doesn't mean your getting the best possible results.